Meet David

David Broodryk is the Executive Director of TAN Foundation. He also serves as the Global Strategic Director for Accelerate – an initiative to launch gospel movements into the cities of the world.

During 2013 and 2014, David led a global think-tank on catalysing self-replicating movements in cities. He set up strategic initiatives on several continents to wrestle with the question, “What would it take to reach the cities of the world for Christ?” The result has been the emergence of Accelerate. During 2015 and 2016, teams began to grow and expand into Gauteng – a metropolis of 15 million people. This new work is in the process of becoming a model for urban movements globally.

David travels a lot and has trained and mentored leaders in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central/ Western Europe, USA, South America, and Asia. As a strategist, he focuses on mobilizing the Gospel through self-replicating movements. David and his wife, Michelle, live in Midrand, South Africa and have two adult children.