95 year old woman

By David Broodryk

Every day I am confronted with excuses for not making disciples. “I am too busy, I am intimidated, I don’t know where to begin...” These excuses do not only come from others.  They seem to spontaneously arise in my own mind.  I can find very creative ways to avoid the most basic command of Christ to make disciples.

That is why I am deeply convicted and confronted by people like this 95 year old lady.  She was so weak she could hardly stand on her own when I went to see her.  Yet she kept repeating, “praise God, glory to God” over and over again.  I felt confronted with my own apathy – my selfish and lukewarm approach to my faith.

Every day, this lady looks after 20 orphan children on her monthly pension of R800 ($50).  And every day, she disciples them through the Discovery method we taught her.  I don’t even know how that is possible!  The world is not worthy of people like her.

She wanted her story told for only one reason – that God would be glorified.  After the short visit, we returned her to her room.  She could not sit – we had to help her lie down.  As old and frail as she was, she rocked my world.

I will never be the same.