Bicycle taxi's

Disciple Making Movements are progressing well in Malawi, with new churches regularly being planted. The leaders that are emerging are amazingly dedicated and focused.

There leaders have overcome tremendous challenges. They walk and travel long distances to plant new churches in new villages.

However, they also face big challenges in their personal and family lives. Many of these men are unable to provide efficiently for their families. Despite this, they continue the tireless work of taking the Good News of the Gospel to new regions.

A business initiative for these workers in Malawi has been launched. Two church planters, shown in this picture, have each received a set of bicycles. In Malawi, these bicycles are used to provide a Taxi service for paying clients. Each bicycle is fitted with a custom-built passenger seat. A set of five bicycles provides a business opportunity for the owner to begin his own Taxi service.

One bicycle costs about R1000 (approx. US$100). We have managed to raise funds for five bicycles, but still need the funding for  a second set of bicycles. This will launch two businesses and support the families of two church planters.

Would you like to bless a church planter with a business? Please contact us if you would like to be part of this initiative. The impact of your giving could last for years as it builds a business to keep the Gospel moving in Malawi.