Y2Y (Youth to Youth)

by Elta Lubbe

On 6 & 7 May 2016, the first Y2Y (Youth to Youth) event was hosted by the Centurion Expressions Gathering. Teams from all across Gauteng were invited. The "A-Team” from Atteridgeville, the Soshanguwe team, KLC and Centurion Expressions came, as well as young leaders from Lora Youth, and the Young Minds Free. As far as Tembisa and Daveyton they joined in the fun.

And what fun it was! Theatre 133 (a performing arts group) used this event to make their debut, and presented workshops on 'spoken word' poetry, graffiti, rap and break dancing on Friday evening.

Saturday the young leaders discovered the difference between the truth of the world, and God’s truth. The whole aim of this event was to identify and equip leaders in Gauteng to find (and to help others find) their identity and purpose in Christ and connecting them with other like-minded young people.

The feedback from the young people revealed clearly that the majoirity of them need mentoring, and a safe environment where they can feel free to ask questions and explore topical issues. Many indicated a desire for future events and workshops, focused on adventures, (electronic) gaming, drama and poetry, sports, etc.

We hope to raise up a team of young people who will take responsibility to reach out to teenagers in Gauteng who have no proper role models in their lives.